Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Shorten long URLs and track the taps!

 You probably know that you can add a website link ('URL') into your SMS messages.

This could be a sales or info page on your website, a Facebook page, whatever you want.

But if your URL is long, it uses up characters,..plus it may look a bit unwieldy to your recipients.

The URL Shortener literally crunches down your website URL into a shorter version.

What else can you do with the URL Shortener?

  • Live click stats - how many tapped your link)
  • See EXACTLY WHO TAPPED the link 
  • Also see WHO *PREVIEWED the link - WOW! 






You can download a report on what numbers clicked. 

If you need detailed info on "clickers" like the Values (if you have their names and any other info in your Groups) you can also download a very detailed report from the Reporting page:

  • In Reporting, create a Date Range Report 
  • Make sure you include URL Shortener
  • And Include Detailed Report section and select the info you want to see
  • After downloading the Report, the Line Item is the best one to view

So how does the URL Shortener actually work? It's actually a reasonably simple concept.....a redirect.

The ury.io is actually one of our domains, and the platform automatically creates a unique URL for all of your long URLs, plus for each of your recipients, which allows the platform to track the taps/clicks!

It's kind of like redirected mail, if that helps.

Tracking opens and clicks is something email has always done, and now using the URL Shortener, we can do this tracking with SMS which contains URLs. 

If you need help, just contact us anytime: 1300 668 287 or info@smsexpress.com.au