Tuesday, 15 December 2020

SMS Express and HirePOS - New Text Your Drivers feature

HirePOS Text The Driver - New feature in HirePOS!

HirePOS is "hooked into" the SMS Express backend, so SMS can be sent from HirePOS using your SMS Express username and password. No need to login to SMS Express except to buy credits.

Many of our customers use HirePOS as you can run your hire business AND send text messages to your own staff and customers directly from HirePOS.

We've watched HirePOS grow from computer software to a fantastic online platform with CRM and SMS Messaging modules. Shayne and the team pump out new features almost every week!

The latest feature is the ability to send a text message directly to your delivery drivers from the HirePOS Bulk message section.

If you haven't tried HirePOS, they offer a free trial: https://hirepos.com.au

...and as a bonus, if you join HirePOS we'll add 100 free credits into your SMS Express account.  

Just email us to let us know!


Shorten long URLs and track the taps!

 You probably know that you can add a website link ('URL') into your SMS messages.

This could be a sales or info page on your website, a Facebook page, whatever you want.

But if your URL is long, it uses up characters,..plus it may look a bit unwieldy to your recipients.

The URL Shortener literally crunches down your website URL into a shorter version.

What else can you do with the URL Shortener?

  • Live click stats - how many tapped your link)
  • See EXACTLY WHO TAPPED the link 
  • Also see WHO *PREVIEWED the link - WOW! 






You can download a report on what numbers clicked. 

If you need detailed info on "clickers" like the Values (if you have their names and any other info in your Groups) you can also download a very detailed report from the Reporting page:

  • In Reporting, create a Date Range Report 
  • Make sure you include URL Shortener
  • And Include Detailed Report section and select the info you want to see
  • After downloading the Report, the Line Item is the best one to view

So how does the URL Shortener actually work? It's actually a reasonably simple concept.....a redirect.

The ury.io is actually one of our domains, and the platform automatically creates a unique URL for all of your long URLs, plus for each of your recipients, which allows the platform to track the taps/clicks!

It's kind of like redirected mail, if that helps.

Tracking opens and clicks is something email has always done, and now using the URL Shortener, we can do this tracking with SMS which contains URLs. 

If you need help, just contact us anytime: 1300 668 287 or info@smsexpress.com.au


Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Birthday & Annual Automated SMS

 The Birthdays module is not just for birthdays. 

You can automatically send any annual notifications, like:

  • event reminders
  • seasonal greetings
  • anniversaries
    (eg "you've been with us for 1 more year")
  • service reminders
  • plan or subscription renewals

Importing your list of contacts and their day/month info is different from the regular SMS Groups, but if you need a hand with date formatting your spreadsheet (if Excel does not behave itself), we're happy to help set this up for you.

 Birthday Module

birthday annual sms setup screen

Friday, 28 February 2020

Dirty Rotten Scammers!

The success SMS has with communicating effectively has not escaped the notice of crooks, who are increasingly using SMS in an attempt to steal money and personal information.
Some scammers gain access by a "phishing email"  or SMS that looks real, but goes to a fake login.
The trick is to never click on a link in an email or SMS unless you are absolutely sure it's not a fake
And with PayPal or "bank alerts", or "parcel delivery warnings", don't ever click the links. Go to the company's actual website via a browser instead (eg Chrome, Firefox).
Also be aware of fake invoices and orders that usually come into email with an attachment like a zip file or Word document....in fact I got one as I was typing this!
Delete these as soon as you get them. Don't ever open the attachment as it may be a virus or ransomware! 
A good rule of thumb is, if in doubt, don't click!