Thursday, 17 May 2018

Sending images via SMS - can I do this?

We get asked this a lot. On our platform you can't send pictures.

Sending images over mobile, called MMS, is a completely different setup from text messaging.

Sending MMS to clients and members seems like a good idea, but it's horrendously expensive on a platform and totally unwieldy from your mobile if you're sending to a big list. Most phones just would not do it, and your telco might have an issue if your list is big!

We've seen prices from 39c to $1 PER MESSAGE on those platforms that allow it. If you have a big list that is a big OUCH to the wallet!

Plus not everyone can get MMS, although this is improving.

We have a much better solution that will cost you a fraction of the price, and all phones should handle it...send SMS with a link (URL) to your mobile-friendly website or your company's Facebook page if you have one. If you have great images to show off to customers, staff or members, it may be worth having an Instagram page too.

We have some more ideas on our website.