Saturday, 28 July 2018

New Send SMS From Excel Software...and it's free for you!

We have (finally!) launched an add-in for Excel where you can send text messages directly from an Excel spreadsheet.

Best of all, it is 100% free for SMS Express customers.

Here's a screenshot for you:

You have many features at your fingertips, such as multiple placeholder fields (dynamic fields) options, select ANY column for the mobile number, send long SMS (max 459 ch = 3 SMS), and you can customise the Sender ID so the SMS comes from your business name or your number.

You can also schedule to send at a future time, plus it will allow you to send to duplicate numbers.

All you need is an account with us, enough credits to send SMS, and download the software onto your WINDOWS PC or Surface laptop.

After you install the software it will install into Microsoft Excel, and you can open the add directly from Excel. It is easy to use, and free of charge for our customers.

There's more info and how-to videos on our website here:

Monday, 2 July 2018

Make those text messages work.

If you've ever received a reminder text from a service, you know how handy they can be.

For example, a reminder from your hairdresser, or your doctor.

Sometimes in the SMS it will have a 'call to action' where you can reply Y for 'yes I will be there' or 'no please cancel', for example.

One of our favourite authors is Bri Williams, who has great insights into business psychology, and she has written a good article here on SmartCompany about Getting Customer Text Messages Right.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Sending images via SMS - can I do this?

We get asked this a lot. On our platform you can't send pictures.

Sending images over mobile, called MMS, is a completely different setup from text messaging.

Sending MMS to clients and members seems like a good idea, but it's horrendously expensive on a platform and totally unwieldy from your mobile if you're sending to a big list. Most phones just would not do it, and your telco might have an issue if your list is big!

We've seen prices from 39c to $1 PER MESSAGE on those platforms that allow it. If you have a big list that is a big OUCH to the wallet!

Plus not everyone can get MMS, although this is improving.

We have a much better solution that will cost you a fraction of the price, and all phones should handle it...send SMS with a link (URL) to your mobile-friendly website or your company's Facebook page if you have one. If you have great images to show off to customers, staff or members, it may be worth having an Instagram page too.

We have some more ideas on our website.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Auto Forward SMS For Android App

Did you know our sister company is an app developer?

In addition to our SMS Express app, there's also Auto Forward SMS for Android, which is an automatic SMS forwarder.

The app is installed on an Android phone and you can set it to forward incoming text messages to your email address, or to your second phone, or you can Create Tasks to on-forward text messages to your selected contacts & groups.

It's a time-saving little app, and it's available via Google Playstore.

Click here to view more info.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Send from your own business name

The SMS Express platform allows you to create what's called a Sender ID.

A Sender ID is similar to a Caller ID - meaning who the caller is.

In order for you to send text messages and get Replies, our platform has 2 mobile numbers hardwired in, so if a customer replies to you, you'll see this in the REPLIES screen in your cloud account.

But many clients want to send from their own business name, and this is perfectly okay as long as you don't need replies.

If you go to the SenderID screen in your SMS Express account, you can create as many Sender IDs as you wish, plus set one as the default.

Also, when you are in the bulk message screen ready to send your sms broadcast, you can change your SenderID on the fly.

You have a maximum of 11 characters in a Sender ID. This displays comfortably on all phones.

Just bear in mind you cannot get replies back into your SMS Express account, plus replies forwarded to your email will not work when you customise the Sender ID, so if you do need replies, don't use this function, or have your own mobile number as the SenderID, and have replies sent back to your handset, bypassing the platform.
But what if you don't need replies but want to allow people to optout even though you have customise your Sender ID?

No problem. We have you covered!
In your Bulk Message screen, simply click the OPTOUT PLACEHOLDER button which plonks a customised link into your SMS. So if customers want to optout, they simply TAP the link instead of replying, and their number is added to the Blacklist in your account so you cannot send any further SMS to them. 

The optout example on the right is using the

Whereas the bottom example would only work if you did not change the Sender ID (leaving it in Repliable mode, which is the default).

If you are running promotions, under the Spam Act you must allow people to optout. We don't want you to get into legal hot water, and annoy a customer,
so whether you use a Sender ID or not, the SMS Express platform will automatically "blacklist" your people who opt themselves out, so you cannot send a bulk message to them again. 

If this is confusing then please contact and we'd be delighted to help you.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Bug in new iPhone

If you use a new iPhone with iOS 11, and you send text using the Indian language Telugu, the character will crash your messaging app.

Not only that, it can also crash WhatsApp, Outlook, Facebook Messenger and Gmail. These apps can be disabled once a message with Telugu is received.

Skype and Telgram seem to be unaffected.

The only workaround is to ask the friend to send a message and try to delete the conversation thread which caused the crash.

Apple should have a fix out soon.

There's more info here on the The Verge website