Monday, 27 November 2017

Study helps new mums via SMS

We always love a great idea, especially when it involves SMS.

A new research project run by the University of Western Australia pairs up expectant mothers with mothers who have been there and done that. The project aims to help new mums cope with mental health issues, which can arise during and after pregnancy.

The "mummy buddies" project pairs up expectant mums with a mummy mentor and they can exchange text messages when the new mum has a question.

The mummy project has already helped new mums and the UWA is still on the lookout for expectant mums and mentors.

More info here on Perth Now's website:

Monday, 13 November 2017

Using SMS For Events

Using text messaging for events can be a huge time saver, because people usually have their phones on them, so you can quickly send updates and get responses fast. Whereas emails can languish in an inbox for days!

Many of our customers use SMS Express to promote the event, confirm delegates and attendees, remind attendees about certain events, and for follow up feedback on how the event wenr.

SMS is a very valuable tool for helping your organise events and people.

Check out our SMS messaging ideas page for some more ideas on how using SMS Express can save you time.