Friday, 25 August 2017

Keeping your phone charged during a disaster

Hopefully you will never need to use the following tips, but we thought they were very handy.

The article on Click2Houston has some advice from the Red Cross on how to conserve and charge your mobile phone battery during a disaster:

Conserve phone battery:

  • Leave an outgoing message on your voicemail that includes your status and location, and then turn off your phone.
  • Use SMS text messaging, which will go through cellular networks easier than a voice call.
  • Turn on “flight mode,” which keeps your phone from transmitting or receiving and greatly extends battery life (SMS will not work on this setting)
  • Disable or turn off apps that you’re not actively using to save the battery power
There's other tips on charging your battery...the full article is here:

Friday, 18 August 2017

Coles & Woolworths SMS scams

Scammers are now sending out text messages purporting to be from Coles or Woolies.

The scam texts trick people into clicking a link which leads to the scammer's site.

Scammers are probably using SMS because email is starting to become ineffective, and junk filters will pick them up.

Due to the great cut-through that SMS has, and no "spam filter" on text messages unfortunately means scammers see SMS as being more effective too.

The scammers also use a SenderID pretending to be from Coles or Woolies, which makes the text seem legit.

The frustrating thing is, anybody can spoof a SenderID and make it appear to come from any company, like you can on email.

So if you do receive an SMS like this, delete it!

Here's some more info here:

And to keep an eye on scams visit: