Wednesday, 26 July 2017

More women developers and a great app

Came across this story about the great app Baby Diaries which was developed by Tara O'Connell:

Tara also has a great quote:

As a woman, there has never been a better time in history to start a business.

I couldn't agree more..and I suspect that there are a lot more women coders and developers than we think...we tend to hide our lights under a bushel.

Or we just don't need any "lights"..we just get on with it.

Tara's site is here:

Friday, 21 July 2017

Direct marketing - done well and done poorly

SMS Express sits in the direct marketing space,  and I love seeing how businesses market themselves, and not just with SMS.

Some businesses do it very well. One example of great opportunistic marketing that I remember is the time I found a fridge magnet on my Jeep driver's side door from a Jeep Servicing business...clever!

Even though I don't personally use a mens' urinal, a memorable "convenience" advertising campaign encouraged men to aim for the square sticker to uncover the ad's message.

In women's loos, we're in there for at least 3 minutes, sometimes staring at the back of the door, or on our phones texting know..

Advertising in airport toilets can work very well, especially if you ask people to text you for more info, or give people your website address to browse while they're doing their business.

But sometimes direct marketing can be done very poorly and cost the business money and reputation.

Two examples that I experienced:
- Our business got an email from a trucking signage company in Sydney. Firstly, they probably bought an email list online, so were breaching the Spam Act by sending spam.

But that aside, even so...surely you'd look at the businesses you were spamming before sending your unwanted email to all and sundry? Poor form on many levels.

- And last week, we got a paper flier in our mailbox advertising roofing and guttering solutions from a business had the longest email address I have ever seen.

Apart from that, the street where we are in Prahran just off Chapel's buildings and apartment fact most of our neighbouring streets are the same. Hardly any houses that need a roof or guttering.

So I called the roofing business and asked them if they might want to give their pamphlet company a huge kick up the backside..and after our conversation, that most likely happened.

I felt really sorry for the business owner who wasted good money on bad marketing...or should I say a bad marketing company who did not care about their client.

Whatever advertising medium you use, whether it be dunny door ads, fliers or SMS, or all media, think of your target audience, the timing, and does the message match the audience?

And if you engage another company to do this for you, keep an eye on what they're doing.