Friday, 16 June 2017

The Mobile Phone & Medicine

Using SMS reminders is not a new thing. But did you know that you can use SMS to remind you that you forgot your tablet? And I don't mean your iPad...a reminder to take your pills.

In fact, using mobile technology to assist us with every day living is becoming a big part of our lives.

Recently there was a fascinating (but kind of creepy) story about "smart pills" that could enable a text message reminder to be sent when you forgot your dose, thanks to an implant under your skin that could detect a certain enzyme in the drug. If this enzyme was not detected in your body, an SMS reminder would be triggered.

I cannot find any further info on this story so it may be been a pie-in-the-sky thing or a hoax...but I don't doubt the technology does exist!

Nontheless, if you prefer something less Orwellian, a couple of guys in the USA have invented Pillsy, which is a smart pill bottle that talks to your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

Pillsy can track when you take a dose, reminds you when you forget, alerts you if you take too many, plus you can monitor other family members' tablet schedule.

Pillsy is a fabulous example of how the not-so-humble mobile phone can seriously benefit our lives, plus offer a simple health tool, especially for an ageing population.