Saturday, 22 April 2017

Telstra Desktop Messaging scam

We received an email today purporting to be from Telstra Desktop Messaging.

The email said our Desktop Messaging setup was locked temporarily and gave a link to click to enable our account.

This is a phishing scam designed to trick you into handing over personal details to crooks.

Our suspicions were flagged for 2 main reasons:

1: We don't use Telstra Desktop Messenger

2: When we looked at the link by rolling our mouse pointer over it (but not clicking the link),it shows a dodgy overseas address..certainly not Telstra!

The crooks can be very clever so it's a good reminder to never click links in emails unless you are 200% sure it's legitimate.

We've seen all sorts of phishing emails pretending to be from the ATO, ASIC, AGL, any bank, long lost relatives from an African country...

..instead of clicking email links that appear to come from a legitimate company, open your browser and go directly to their website.

Even the company's customer services number and check.

..don't call any number in the email or from an SMS as scammers have setup phone numbers too!