Sunday, 29 January 2017

How to tidy up names in your excel spreadsheet before importing

More Excel Tips and Tricks

We've posted 2 new videos to our SMS Express Help Centre, that shows you two handy little tricks with Excel spreadsheets to tidy up your data.

1) Tidying up the "case" of names in your data.

Does your data have a column of names that looks like this:

We'll show you how to change it to:


Visit the Help Centre

2) Split off Firstname Lastname in excel spreadsheet into separate columns.

You want to send a personalised SMS to your customers, but your list has firstname and lastname in the same cell in Excel?

For example:

How to separate firstname & lastname in Excel

..but you want this so you only personalise with their firstname:

How to separate firstname lastname in Excel

Visit the Help Centre and see how

Thursday, 5 January 2017

The Green Padlock - what does it mean?

You may have noticed a lot of websites have a green padlock in the address bar just before the http bit.

You'll also notice the http is actually https which means you are viewing a secure website via a SSL Certificate.

Google is encouraging all of us website owners to make our sites secure for our visitors....and just today I noticed that in Chrome browsers, the word Secure sits next to the green padlock icon.

Here's an example: 

That is a huge incentive to get SSL.

If you have no idea what this means, ask your webhost provider for info (or Google it!) what they charge for an SSL certificate.

Many webhosting companies now offer them as part of your package, and some may charge hundres of dollars to have it installed. and are 2 Aussie hosts that are very reliable and offer SSL as part of their package plans. Plus many of the huge hosts like also offer SSL.

You don't need to do ecommerce to have SSL. Any site that has a contact form should also use SSL.

Not only does Google potentially use this is a ranking signal, if your competitors have SSL and you don't, you may be losing business to them.

Having a secure site for your visitors using their mobile phone to browse your site is also very important as it offers them extra security when on your website.