Thursday, 29 December 2016

Background noise may benefit your concentration

If you're in Australia over summer, there seems to be a constant background noise that's almost as bad as tinnitus.

It's called Cricket broadcast on television.

Staying with cricket-mad in-laws over Christmas always means having a constant crowd cheering in the background..ambient noise from the TV. Most of the time nobody is even watching it!

But there may be hope for us non-cricket fans...

According to an article on  Zapier, ambient background noise may actually help you sleep better:

The article is here

This may explain why so many people like to have the radio on when they fall asleep.

...and yes there are apps and youtube videos for creating background noise!

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Domain Name Scam Letters

Getting emails or letters that look like invoices for re-registering your domain name/s is nothing new.

Dodgy companies have tried it on for years with inflated prices...we get them here too.

But there's a new batch of complete scam letters being received for renewing a domain name you don't even own.

The letters look official so it's easy to see how people get confused and pay them.

The ACCC says the letters may be from “Domain Name Corp Pty Ltd”.

But if you're not sure if a renewal letter is legitimate, call your domain name host (which may also be your webhost if you have a domain/hosting package).

Do not ring the number on the letter as it's the scammers!

There's more info here at SmartCompany

Friday, 9 December 2016

Beyond the selfie drone

It won't be long before drones are everywhere. Not just delivering pizzas or taking selfies from a great height either.

Drones have the potential for the movie industry too.

This is an interesting article from The Australian about the drones' potential in a modern society.

I didn't know you could get pocket drones, but i did know there was one that would squirt water at people...noisy neighbours beware!

Friday, 2 December 2016

Malware found on older Android phones

Unfortunately, mobile phones are now seriously vulnerable to hackers and this article on Smart Company reveals that over 1 million Google accounts have been breached due to users accidentally downloading malware:

It seems to only affect Android phones with older operating systems, but if you have Google accounts linked to your phone, there's a site where you can check if your account has been breached.

The site is Checkpoint and you can click here to go there.

It's also a timely reminder to update your passwords, and have different passwords for different accounts.

The longer the password, the better. And try to make it complicated by adding capital letters, numbers, and characters.

Some great time management tips

If you've ever sat there and wondered where the day has gone, and whether you'd actually done any meaningful work, this article may help you.

The author of this terrific article almost lost his business due to bad productivity.

It's an interesting read. View it here:

If you find the idea of using a stopwatch a bit weird, then maybe you can set yourself little goals with small rewards. For example:
" finish this blog post then I can make a cup of tea"

It works for me!