Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Bizarre iPhone bug with Custom Sender IDs

One of our customers, Peter, uses SMS Express' platform to send appointment reminders to his clients.

Peter customises the Sender ID (like the Caller ID) to show his businessname. He doesn't need replies and preferred not to use our 'shared numbers'..and that's perfectly fine.

But Peter called with an odd support question..."what is this phone number that shows up on my iPhone when I look at the Message Details?".

I tested on the Galaxy..nope. Couldn't see it. But on the iPhone, yes we could  replicate the issue!

To illustrate, I sent a test SMS to my iPhone using the SenderID iphonebug. Here's 2 screenshots from my phone:

Above image is the SMS received on my iphone "from" iphonebug" SenderID.

And below is what iPhone thinks the "underlying" phone number is when you click the info icon:

...and if you convert the numbers 474663284 into their letter equivalent, it spells out iphonebug !

You learn something new every day!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Excel tip - How to tidy up a dog's breakfast of names

Do you have a list of people on an excel spreadsheet, but the names are all over the shop?

So you have names like:

Sending an SMS to TERRY, BRONWYN or FredDY looks unprofessional...you want to all look like Jane.

You want all the names to be in Proper Case (as opposed to UPPER or lower)

We've posted a quick how to tidy up names in Excel, in our Help Centre.

Check it out..

Excel Tips - How to tidy up peoples' names in Excel column