Friday, 20 November 2015

Anniversary and Birthday Reminder Module

One of our most popular features on SMS Express is our Birthday and Anniversary reminder module.

We really should rename this, as many of our clients use it for different reminders such as:

  • Staff Birthdays
  • A thank you to staff for another year of service
  • Annual product service reminders
  • Client 'anniversaries' and birthdays
  • ...and of course wishing clients a Merry Christmas.

The Birthday and Anniversary reminder are very easy to setup, and you can edit and add names at anytime.

There's an instructional PDF on our Help Centre Page, or you can just contact us for help and we'd be happy to set it up and show you how to do it.

The automated reminders are a fabulous way to stay in touch with your valued clients, plus it's a great morale booster for staff. Everyone loves a personal message on their birthday!

So when you're looking for that edge over your competitors, plus communicate with staff and clients via a medium that they are likely to see and respond to, this is a very cheap tool to use.