Friday, 9 October 2015

Important Tips Before Sending An SMS To Your People

I have put together a little 'thinklist" for you, which I hope you find helpful, and of course get you a good bang for your buck from your SMS campaigns.

  1. Why are you sending this text message?
    Sounds obvious, but what is the benefit to the recipient? Is it an alert and invite or sale or overdue notice?
  2. What is the Call To Action?
    Quite simply this means, what do you want them to do now? Do they:
    - Call you?
    - Click through to a website? (and is your site mobile-friendly?)
    - Text back a reply? (don't forget you can use keywords)
  3. Is there a deadline or closing date? If so, don't forget to add this.
    For example "text back the word YES by 5pm today", "Be quick! Sale ends Friday 25 Nov".
  4. Do your recipients know who the SMS is from?
    Don't forget to put your organisation name in the text message: "Hi Chris, a reminder from Deep Sockets Energy Co that your account is overdue. Call 1300 555 555 now to pay".

    Note if you are using a SenderID with your company name, your recipients cannot reply, so make sure you have another way for them to contact phone number, website link..
  5. Do you need an optout?
    If it's a sale or promotion, yes you do (to comply with Spam Act 2003).
    If it's an alert and reminder, not usually. But make sure you remove them if they ask.

    SMS Express has 2 ways of adding an optout:
    a) Type it into the message box at the end of your message: "Be quick! Sale ends Friday 25 Nov. 2optout rply STOP" . SEE FIRST IMAGE BELOW

    b) Or use the OptOut place holder button. SEE SECOND IMAGE BELOW

    Also, if you use a word SENDER ID, you should use the OptOut Placeholder button.

 6. Don't forget to log in check REPLIES (if you are not using SENDERID). And remember, you can have any replies forwarded to your email address free. Set this up in Accounts > scroll down to Incoming Messages Forwarding Settings box.

As always call 1300 668 287 or 0418 384 394 if you need a helping hand :)