Tuesday, 29 September 2015

How to have replies from SMS sent to my email for free

This is a standard function of SMS Express that you can choose to use. There are 2 ways to do this:

a) Via your Account Settings
b) On the fly when sending a BULK MESSAGE (REPLIES ROUTING)

I'll go through both options for setting up SMS replies forwarded your email address...

a) Via Account Settings
  1. Login and go to Account Settings page.
  2. Scroll down to the Incoming Messages Forwarding Settings box.
  3. Where it says "Forward Reply to Email", pop your email address in.
  4.  Click Update defaults.

This now tells the system to forward all replies to your email address by default. See screen shot below:             

account settings forward replies sms to email address

B) On the fly when sending a BULK MESSAGE (REPLIES ROUTING)

This REPLIES ROUTING feature overrides your default settings, and is handy for when you want to send any replies to other email addresses for this one-off broadcast.

  1.  Go to Bulk Message and setup your message as normal
  2. Under the Message box you'll see Replies Routing (it will initially be on Account defaults..what appears in your Account Settings that we talked about above). 
  3. Click the dropdown Menu to Custom
  4. Some boxes will appear. Untick the ones you don't need (eg you may not need Forward to Mobile or Send response)
  5. Add your email address to Forward to email. 
  6. You'll see this has a ticked box next to it. You have the option to leave TICKED or UNTICKED.

    TICKED will forward ALL replies or UNTICKED will filter that will forward all replies EXCLUDING optouts (STOP, REMOVE) to your email address (you can see Optouts in your Replies online or Blacklist/Auto Deleted). 
  7. Preview SMS, and if all looks good, then SEND

 See screen shot:

forward to email excluding optouts

NOTE: replies will always be collected in Account under Replies 
NOTE 2: you cannot reply to the SMS from your email account. You will need to login to reply to an SMS 
NOTE 3: Forwarding to email is FREE. Forwarding to a mobile number will cost 1 credit

If you need help call 1300 668 287