Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Why can't I send a picture or image?

I did post about this a little while ago, but as we get a lot of queries about sending picture messages (called MMS), it's worth updating the info for you.

SMS Express and many of our industry colleagues do not offer MMS, or sending images to your databases' mobile phones.

Why is this so?

  1. It's unreliable and may only go to Telstra phones
  2. It's expensive. prices range from 50c-$1 per message
  3. It may cost your recipients money to download the file (not a good thing if they have a light or prepaid plan!)
  4. There is now a virus (or vulnerability) called Stagefright targeting Android phones using MMS

Number 4 is serious.

So what to do?

Put your images up on a webpage. It can be a Twitter page, Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest, your blog, create a one-off page on Instapage, or add a special page to your faithful website.

In the SMS itself, simply write your SMS as normal and add a link (URL) into the text.

For example: Hi Jane, we have a huge event planned for this weekend.Here's some pics from last month .

Or if you have a long domain, just use a URL shortener like or or, or try google link shortener.

ALL of these options allow you to create a smaller link so you don't use up too much space in your they will tracks clickthroughs for you....for free!

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