Monday, 29 June 2015

iPhone Block Settings - funny but interesting story

One of our dear clients sends out daily text messages to their customers, with important information on agricultural commodities pricing.

They called to say one of their subscribers had suddenly stopped receiving his daily SMS.

There's a check list for these types of complaints where it's not a system or network problem:

  1. Check the Sent/Queued Delivery report
  2. Check if the client uses a word as a SenderID (sometimes networks will block these, although we've found this not to be the case so far..fingers crossed!)
  3. Pull off a Number Report
  4. Send a few different test messages
  5. Call the person and ask some questions.
We got up to number 4 and still no luck. So I called the gentleman who owned the phone and asked him if he got a new phone or ported to a new network, or was out of range.

He had got a new iphone, coincidentally the same day his subscription text messages stopped coming. But according to the Reports from the SMS Express server, they all showed the messages as being DELIVERED.

But at least we'd narrowed the issue down to a handset problem. I pulled out the office iPhone and poked around at the settings.

There's a setting for blocking SMS and calls, and I called the subscriber again and asked him to look at his settings.

Sure enough, his phone was blocking the SMS from this SenderID!

...and he figured out what had happened...his toddler son was playing with the iPhone and must have accidentally blocked these texts.

He removed the block, and the texts came through. 

If you ever suddenly stop getting SMS, first check your handset settings (or ask your client to check) and make sure the number or Sender ID you receive the texts from is not being blocked.

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