Friday, 29 May 2015

New Ebook - Mobile Marketing: Ideas For You To Use

Hopefully you will find this Ebook helpful.

There's some ideas and campaign examples, plus other bits and pieces from our blog that we've collated and put into a 10-page PDF for you to read at your leisure.

And yes it is free of charge:

Click here to open PDF Ebook 

What happens if you're in a meeting and an URGENT SMS arrives?

Our parent company SMS Response Australia has launched a new mobile app for Android phones.

Auto Forward SMS is a time-saving app that will automatically forward any SMS
you receive from specified numbers to selected contacts and groups in your Contact list.

The idea for the app came after a call to our office from a fire brigade officer who was frustrated at the time wasted when he got a fire alert and had to call or try to SMS his team urgently. He just wanted a simple function so when he got an SMS from the fire alarm company, his selected team also got the text message seconds here we are.

Auto Forward SMS will do just that.. the app will automatically forward important texts to your need-to-know people.
We imagine the app would be useful for warnings, alerts, news updates..and situation where you need certain people in your Contacts and Groups to be in the loop.

The Auto Forward SMS app will work on any Android phone in most countries, if not all. When we built this app, we realised that there were many different uses for it, whether it be social or business or emergency services. For example:

  • Emergency Services SMS Warnings forwarded to your 'need to know people'
  • Event Management - have important text messages automatically forwarded to your staff if you're in meetings and expecting messages
  • Club Functions - have your SMS updates forwarded onto deputies and other staff
  • News Updates or Announcements - Have any important news alerts that you receive via SMS forwarded to other parties that need to know

For more information please visit

Friday, 8 May 2015

May 2015 Newsletter

Further to the previous post about making your website responsive, we have an offer exclusively for SMS Express customers...

Free offer... mobile responsive webpage for your SMS promotion

If you do want your SMS recipients to click through to your webpage, it's easy to put a link (URL) in the message.

But if your website is not mobile-friendly OR you want a temporary webpage for a specific promotion or event, but don't have the skills or time, I have the solution for you, and it is FREE.

We'll create a responsive webpage for you which you can link to from your text message to your clients. Plus we can report to you on how many of your people clicked through from their SMS to your page. Nice to know!

And because the site is responsive, it can be viewed on any size screen, so any visitor can view it.

For more info on creating a mobile friendly page for your SMS campaigns, please email me at or call/SMS 0418384394

Other news in brief..

Upgrades to SMS Express's been a while coming, but James our IT Director promises that SMS Express will have, not only a fresh coat of paint, but a new platform with bells and some spiffy new whistles in the coming months. I have seen some of the changes, and I know you will love them. We'll give you plenty of notice when the changes are a' comin!

An SMS website with a difference...our parent company has just launched , which is specific to events or surveys. You can send out a formatted invitation via SMS and get a YES/NO response. 50 free credits are available to test.

SMS Express Tip...we get a lot of queries about sending pictures out (MMS). Our system cannot send images, and even if it could, MMS is unreliable, expensive (50c-$1 each), plus if it's a big image, you might chew up your recipient's daily limit. If they're on a pre-paid, you will not be popular! Instead, send them to a webpage, Facebook or Instagram page, or see responsive websites above.

Have a great weekend. If you have any questions, please contact me anytime via email or call/SMS 0418384394
Cheers, Kerryn
PH: 1300668287 or 0418384394

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Big Google Mobile Update..update

Well there's been plenty of press about "Mobilegeddon", which seems a tad silly.

Remind you of the kerfuffle over the Year 2000 bug, and how the world was going to stop?

Of course people writing such articles do have a vested interest in scaring the bites out of you, but there is some substance to all the panic.

To recap, Google is focussing on getting websites to look nice in mobile search, as their stats show them more people are using their smartphones to browse and shop. So they have given all of us a polite warning to shape up our websites so they are responsive.

And even if most of your traffic does come from a desktop, eventually this may change. What responsive means is, your pages will resize to fit the viewer's screen, whether mobile or desktop or laptop.

TIP: a quick way to see how your website looks on a small screen is:

a) just look it up on your phone
b) if you're on a desktop just squish up your browser so it's a long narrow column...see how the pages look.

Google has said that normal desktop search is not affected, but on mobile search....well if your competitors have a responsive page, they will likely be placed ahead of you.

Also, as an SMS Express customer who is running promotions, it would be nice to pop a URL (website link) in your SMS and allow your visitors to click through and browse your wares on a nicely formatted website.

And the beauty of that is you can track the clicks.

There are plenty of decent, but well priced solutions around now and it's easy to get a mobile friendly website for under $500. Or ask your web developer to make sure your site renders well on mobiles.

Also, I have discovered a great concept which allows you to create on-the-fly webpages literally within minutes. I put a basic page together in around 7 minutes.


Instapage has a free version, but for the mobile responsive option you do need to upgrade to their paid plan which is US $29 a month.

If you need help with any of this, please contact me, Kerryn, on 1300 668 287 or