Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Has Marketing Got Harder?

I just read a good post from Smart Company by Craig Reardon titled Is Set & Forget Marketing Dead?

It discusses the days when the yearly call from Yellow Pages and planning a few ads in the paper were all many small businesses did.

...on a personal note I worked for Yellow Pages many many years ago, and it was a big deal back then. Businesses felt they HAD to be in it...but it was horrendously expensive too!

Fast forward to now, and we have Google, who has all but made Yellow Pages redundant. There's also other ad platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Yahoo, Instagram, websites, email marketing, and of course SMS.

It's enough to make your head spin, trying to keep us with all of this. But with all the spinning, comes accountability. In Ye Olde Days, how could you tell how many people found you in the local paper or Yellow Pages? Most times you didn't was based on faith or a gut feel.

There's none of that "here's hoping it works" in the new so-called "digital" age. You can track how many people looked at your website, visited pages, and then called you or took some form of action. This is why Google Ad Words and Facebook are so attractive, because they are much cheaper and accessible to small business, and you only pay when someone clicks on your site.

But it does all take a lot of work keeping on top of your marketing and promotion activity to keep the sales pipeline open. The most important of these pipelines is your website.

And now with almost everyone on tablets and smartphones, it is so important to have a relevant, mobile friendly website which not only allows people to do business with you, but also acts as a data collector.

..and a text mesage can also link to your website, and track how many people clicked through to your site, so SMS marketing is now a very accountable and essential part of your marketing and promotions strategy.

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