Thursday, 3 July 2014

Vodafone and Optus Outage..Interesting stats about wedded to our mobiles!

You may have been affected by the Optus and Vodafone outage recently. Many many people could not send or receive SMS or calls to their handset.

This affected all SMS providers and there's nothing we can actually do about it apart from be patient until it's fixed.

As with all technology, things can and do go pear shaped, but usually are fixed quickly..telcos don't like losing money!

But a survey by Roy Morgan found that, we really are wedded to our mobile phones!

According to the article:
"Outages on the Vodafone and Optus networks last Thursday raise the question: who can’t live without their mobile phones? Virgin’s customers are the most tied to their mobiles, with the majority (55%) believing their phones are—quite literally—a lifeline.

Amaysim’s customers are the second-most dependent (49%), followed by those with Optus (41%), Vodafone (37%), Dodo (34%) and TPG (30%).

Just 29% of mobile customers with Telstra, whose network was unaffected last week, say they couldn’t live without their phones."

Are Telstra customers less stressed about living without their phones? Somehow I doubt it!

How to send only to certain numbers from within an existing group rather than creating different groups

This is a question that comes up a bit...

For example, you have your Main Groups: Group A and Group B.

But just want to send to a few people from within Group A, and it's not necessary to create a Group C just for this one-off SMS blast.

Can you select just a few people from within Group A?


Just go to Maintain Groups

Select the Group/s

View the fields to filter further

Tip: "Display Value Fields In Results" may be helpful as it shows more info about the record.

Search Data...the info will display.

Select the people you want to send can actually select ALL Groups and cherry pick if you want to.

We have a You Tube video that shows you what to do.

Click here to view HowTo video