Monday, 2 June 2014

What's The Best Time To Send An SMS?

We get asked this question a bit, and it really is a hard one to answer sometimes, because it depends on a few things:

- who is your target audience?
- what is the time to send that they may read it?
- is it time critical?

For example, if you are sending a text message to customers, is it appropriate to send during working hours? These days, everyone has their phone on, sometimes 24/7.

So I reckon it's safe to send during acceptable hours, say 9am-7pm.

And as people do usually have their phones on all the time, I would not ever advise sending at 3am (unless it is urgent)...even if you are up late crafting your winning sales message! SCHEDULE to a later time!

We had one client who tested the system at 5am...they sent a test message out to one of their 5am.

As the initial TEST text message (when you first register for a trial) contains OUR contact details, the poor mate rang our support number at 5am threatening bodily damage!

It took us a few minutes to track who had sent the message, and the mate was most apologetic to us...maybe not so to his mate.

..anyway I digress...back to the subject...

If you have, say, a clearance sale on Wednesday, maybe send a text on Monday, then a follow up reminder that morning.

Have a "VIP exclusive" offer...and I'd advise putting a deadline on it: "sale ends Friday 5pm. Hurry!"

...maybe ask people to show the message to your staff, so they can track instore responses.

What I would also recommend is what's called AB testing...split your Group/List into List A and List B, send at different times, and test which one gets the best response. This is common practice in snail mail direct marketing, and it's a great way to benchmark yourself.

If you have weekly specials or news, then maybe send at the same time every week, so customers come to expect your message.

For many SMS Express clients, they use text messaging for many reasons, like events, staff call-ins, car service reminders... many varied reasons.