Friday, 23 May 2014

How to format your contacts file for import in SMS Express Groups

This is actually an easy one.

Make sure your contacts are in an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file. If your contacts are currently stored in a CRM program, most, if not all of these contact database programs will allow you to export into an Excel spreadsheet.

On your spreadsheet, make sure the mobile numbers are in COLUMN A. Any other data you can keep in the other columns (eg first name, last name)

It doesn't matter if they have the zero at the front missing...excel has an annoying habit of chopping off what's called "leading zeros". It is actually a program for number crunching but many people use it as a contact database.

But this doesn't matter with SMS Express as when the numbers are imported, the system will change them into international format anyway (61 replaces any 0 at the front of the number).

You also don't have to change your numbers into +61 or anything like that. Just make you have valid mobile numbers (eg 0434085892)...and remember it doesn't matter if the front 0 is removed (eg 434085892) as the system will change the number to 61434085892 after import.

Another tip...check your list to ensure there are no landlines or other dodgy numbers in there, as you don't want to waste credits on dud numbers.

A quick way to check your list for dodgy numbers before you import:
- open the spreadsheet

- highlight the whole spreadsheet so all columns and rows are highlighted (quick way is to click the small rectangle in the far left corner between the A column header and 1 Row..that should highlight everything)

- Go to the top menu ribbon and click on Data, then SORT, then a box will pop open. You can SORT BY Column A...if your column has a header in the top row (eg Number) make sure you tick the My Data Has Headers box top right.

- Then click OK.

This will sort that column into highest and lowest, so you'll be able to spot any short or odd numbers. Mobiles are always 04 so anything NOT 04 (eg 03 08 02) should be checked or deleted if not a mobile number.

Also, if a number looks too short, it may have a digit missing making it invalid. Fix or remove these. All Australian mobile numbers are 10 digits (0434085892) so any odd ones should stand out.

Once you are happy, SAVE the file on your PC and then upload into your SMS Express Group using Import Data.

Bamboozled? We've got a good working knowledge of Excel and use it every day! We're here to help. Just call 1300 668 287 or email .

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Using SMS Express (full website version) on your Android Phone

You may know that we do have an app available, but as the app is a cut down version, if you have multiple Groups stored online, the mobile app is probably not appropriate.

But you can certainly login and send SMS campaigns via your smartphone. I personally have a Galaxy Note2 with a nice large screen..I will admit it can be a little bit snug but it certainly works fine (as does iPhone and iPad).

One thing I have noticed though is that the default browser on Android now doesn't seem to work with SMS Express (it used to!), but Chrome browser certainly does, so please download Chrome for your Android device. Any pop ups will appear down the bottom of the screen (such as your SMS message preview that pops up) so make sure you scroll down to view this.

Any questions please call 1300 668 287