Tuesday, 15 April 2014

How to cancel a scheduled broadcast

With SMS Express, you have the option of sending NOW or scheduling (embargoing) to send on a particular time and date in the future.

So what happens if you schedule an SMS broadcast and then realise that you need to cancel it?

It's actually quite easy to do, but there are a few steps...

How To Cancel A Scheduled SMS
1. Go to Sent/Queued page
2. Select Date Range (if today it will be there already)
3. In box below Select Date Range, find your broadcast and click on View to open the Viewing Send box.

QUICK TIP: copy the SMS text and plonk into Notepad or Word so you can copy and paste later into your new message.

4. Click on Pause…see example below. A box will open asking you to confirm the Pause. Then the box will change to Release/Cancel…click Cancel to stop the scheduled broadcast (Release will ‘unpause’ and allow the broadcast to go ahead).

That's it!

Of course, call us if you get stuck: 1300 668 287