Tuesday, 1 April 2014

How do you cut through the communications clutter?

I was in the process of writing an email and SMS to our wonderful clients telling them about this new blog and I just had an obvious thought.

For most of our clients, we send a quick SMS news alert, but there are a few who we send emails to. Down the bottom of the email I put the links to the usual social media pages...Facebook, our new Twitter, and this blog.

I was very wary of having the message look too cluttered and inducing a migraine in people.. and I refuse to put a line of social media icons that I sometimes see on emails. Apart from mostly being blocked by email filters, seriously, I have no idea what most of these icons are or what they do.

SMS Express is content with the "usuals": blog, Facebook, Twitter and Linked In links for now. I think that's enough! I will leave Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit for those more experienced than me.

So with the plethora of social media, how ARE you supposed to touch base with your customers? Many people are on Twitter and Facebook, and many people are not.

Even when I send out emails and SMS news updates to our clients, the ones on email hardly ever open them, but most people who get the SMS do. Unfortunately email has become like the old post...people will sit on emails for a week, or they will go straight to Junk. Oddly enough, sending a letter in the post now has better cut-through than email, in my opinion, as people take a letter seriously!

However, the one method of contacting people that is pretty much guaranteed to be received and looked at within minutes, and is cheap to send, is a good old text message.

Almost everyone has a mobile phone now, and they all can get text messages.

This makes SMS a fabulously effective communication method that covers all bases, and we are glad to be in this space...even though hipster folk may think we are old fashioned!