Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Reports on SMS Express and what they mean

So when you open a SENT/QUEUED report, what do the various status reports mean? The main ones are:

DELIVERED – was successfully sent out.
UNDELIVERED – was not successful. Usually is a wrong number , so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on these and clean out the dead numbers (if you need assistance with this, let us know).
EXPIRED – I wish we could guarantee 100% delivery but nobody on the planet can.. Normally deliverability is pretty good, but what lets us all down is the telcos (Vodafone especially is a problem in non-metro areas), or if a customer’s phone is switched off or out of range for an extended period. These sorts of errors are reflected in your reports as EXPIRED. This means the system has tried to send and has given up.
SUBMITTED – means the message has been sent to that person’s telco and out system is waiting for confirmation (called a delivery report). If you check back in a little while, this is normally updated to DELIVERED.
Other reports – You also have access to other reports such as:

Date Range Report – this is a downloaded or emailed report that goes back over the last 2 months. It is fairly detailed and includes the network of the mobile number it was sent to (in the ZIP file this is the Line Item report). You can customise what fields you want. It may take a few minutes to generate for download so please be patient.

Number Lookup Report- this will generate a zipped spreadsheet report, and is handy to view the history of a mobile number. The report will show Group Summary and Sent Items. You could use this report if you suspect a mobile number may not be getting texts. A history of UNDELIVERED would indicate the number is disconnected and needs investigating

SMS Sending Report – this is an on screen report (or you can download Excel report)that shows you a chart and a summary of what SMSs have been sent. Like all the reports, you can select the date range.
Summary Report. This will generate a zipped Excel report and you can get a detailed report of the messages, number of replies and optouts, the cost etc.