Thursday, 20 March 2014

Can I send images via SMS Express?

We get asked this a bit, and the short answer is NO, as the system is text (SMS means 'short message service').

Sending images is called MMS, and you no doubt would have MMS'd a picture to somebody, like when you take a photo of a nice dessert and send it to your friend (yes I have done that...)

A few reasons why we think SMS is better for your marketing to customers or staff is:
1) MMS is expensive to send (50c each when I last looked at prices)
2) It may cost your recipient to download...not good when your customers may be charged to view your image!
3) You can't embed a link so people can't click through on the actual image
4) Some phones simply will not display images. This can be a problem with pre-paid accounts. I had this problem myself trying to send images from my personal handset (Telstra) to my partner who was then on Vodafone...he simply never got my pictures.

So what if you DO want to share images? Best way is to send out a plain old text message but include a LINK (URL) to a webpage or your website where people can view the image themselves if they wish to.

The beauty of that is, they have the choice, AND you can track the clicks (we have an earlier blog post that covers tracking link clicks in SMS). You also encourage people to click through to your website where they can take further action, like buy something, or comment..whatever your call to action may be.

If you want help setting up a clickable link, just call us on 1300 668 287